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08/04/2001, par Guillaume Sautereau | Interviews |
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You are based in London, but your music somewhat evokes the united States and american bands to reviewers (Galaxie 500, Low or Spain), is this the result of a conscientious effort ? what are the bands you pay attention to nowadays ?

Godspeed You Black Emperor, Yo La Tengo, Lambchop, Calexico, Low, Spain to name a few. It is not a conscious effort to sound like these bands but they are with a doubt an influence.

Your first record was very very difficult to find in France whereas the few media which reviewed it were enthusiastic... didn't you find it frustrating ?
Yes it was frustrating. Piao did not have much distribution in France but Setanta have a much better set up and things are looking much more promising. I was over in Paris recently doing interviews and acoustic sessions and was
surprised at how well the press had received our first album. We will be playing in Paris in May.

TRAM by Maud Larson

You participated to the recent tribute to Tim Buckley... is this someone important to you ? why did you chose to cover "Once I was" ?
I had no Tim Buckley albums prior to covering 'Once I Was' but I got in to his music once I started listening to his albums. I particularly like his live work. I chose 'Once I Was' because I like it instantly I heard it but also I felt I could make it sound like Tram if I re-arranged it. It was the first cover version I have ever recorded and I got the taste for it, so if another opportunity came along to cover someone else I would probably do it provided I respected the artist. I don't think there is anything particular in common with the bands that contributed.

Can you tell us a bit your lyrics and where your inspiration comes from when you write them ?
Everything I write about is from personal experience. Many people assume that the subject matter is purely about lost love or my personal relationships. This is not always the case some of them are written in a more observational way about the way other people behave. Sadness is there but it is a beautiful sadness.

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