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08/04/2001, par Guillaume Sautereau | Interviews |
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You sang on the italian band Giardini di Miro forthcoming record, how did you get in touch with them ? 

They approached me as I am friends with Yuppie Flu who are on the same label. Basically I have never met GDM. They sent over an instrumental recording on a CD-R and I wrote the melody and lyrics. I then recorded their Cd-R into my computer and recorded my vocals on top and posted it back to them in Italy. They mixed it over there. It was their choice to add less echo. It still sounds ice though.

I heard tracks from you on two recent compilations : a Spanish one on Autoreverse Records and an Italian one (Homesleep home), how did these tracks end up there ?
The Spanish compilation was set up by Piao! and the Homesleep compilation was as a result of our close relation with Daniele and Yuppie Flu. We did a four date tour of Italy with Yuppie Flu to promote " Heavy Black Frame ".

Do you have a slight idea of where Tram might head to in the future ?
We plan to tour soon in U.K. and do some gigs in Europe maybe some festivals. We will probably release an e.p. in the summer and try and have a 3rd album out this time next year.

Thanks to Paul and to the Marvelous Marion.

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